Approximately 35,000 - 40,000 babies with facial deformities are born each year in India. We had the privilege to meet one such baby boy in Kochi, India.  His mother,Grace *, had only normal ultrasounds during pregnancy.  She was understandably shocked at the appearance of her baby boy with bilateral cleft lip and palate.  Because of the social stigma associated with such a baby, she thought the best option was to end her own life.  It is not an uncommon practice, we have heard the same statements from other parents of such babies.

Grace's sonHowever, for Grace, she was given an article from the magazine Vanitha, which featured the life of Philip.  She contacted us, and drove with her six-day-old son to meet us.  We shared with her our heartache and sorrow in seeing the suffering of our little Philip.  It was and still is a hard journey.  We shared the scriptures from the Bible that brought us much comfort in the last fifteen years. "Many well-meaning people will say all kinds of things to you, we advised, but remember to see your son as whole and blessed.  He is a blessed son!  He is born to caring parents & he will succeed with your love for him."


She now commits to life after the comfort and counseling she received in hearing Philip's story and seeing his transforming pictures.  Because of YOUR support, a young mother's life was saved!!  What an amazing miracle!!  Thank you for generous gifts and donations!

-- Susan Mathews