Worldwide the statistics indicate that 1 in 700 births is a cleft deformity.  Our surgeons and physicians in India have indicated that 35,000 to 40,000 babies are born each year in India alone with a cleft deformity.  Their concern is, "Where are these babies?"   
Due to the stigma associated with a facial birth defect, in certain parts of India, these children will not come out of the hospital alive.  In the rural villages, the family will be harassed until they take the baby outside the village or discard them on the railroad tracks. 
In Santhosh and Susan's journey to Zimbabwe and South Africa, many of the same comments were made with regards to children with facial birth defects.  The shame and humiliation the family faces will overwhelm any joy in the birth of a baby.   
The campaign to educate and raise awareness on cleft repairs and maternal nutrition will yield the goal of demostrating Love Without Reason.