The founders Susan and Santhosh Mathews decided to start Love Without Reason as a result of their experiences with their son Philip Mathews who was born with Goldenhar’s Syndrome. Despite reports from doctors suggesting that Philip would be born dead; and a recommendation to abort the baby in the womb, Susan and Santhosh continued with the pregnancy. Miraculously Philip was born – born alive in July of 2000. LWR was born out of a dream that that every child should be given a chance; a chance at being born, a chance at life and dignity, a chance to live a full life, Because Every Child Matters.

santhosh-founderSanthosh Mathews is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with a MBA in Business Administration. Santhosh worked as a webmaster for several major US companies before leaving his corporate career to pursue the mission of Love Without Reason.

Susan-founderSusan Mathews has dual majors in Chemistry and Biology with a masters in Nursing. Susan worked as a Nurse Practitioner for several years before resigning from the corporate world and is now spearheading LWR’s medical operations. Susan is also the author of  "The Mother's Heart" a book that highlights the hope of a mother with a special needs child.

They have 3 children Philip (15), Sara (12) and Caleb (10) and live in Chattanooga TN.